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Post by Damiano on Wed Jun 01, 2016 8:15 am

Starting from PocketCoins 4.2, PocketNotes 3.3, PocketStamps 2.9 and so on a new "material" theme will be used for the user interface.
This new interface introduce new themes, icons and colors that will be fully compatible with only devices with android 5 (Lollipop) or greater.
For previous android versions similar themes will be applied to the user interface.
For Android 2 a simple flat interface will appear
For Android 3 and 4 an interface with "Holo" theme will be used
Starting from android 5 the new "material" style will be applied.
Below there are example of how the app will appear in different android OS versions:

With this new interface it will grow the number of available combinations that we may have for each panel of the apps.
Now we have at maximum, for each panel: 3 (number of themes) x 2 (horizontal and vertical) x 2 (smaller and bigger display) x 9 (number of supported languages) = 108.
The app has actually more than 60 main panels and a lot of small dialog popups, so it is high probably that in some case the mask wasn't be not tested and it may have some problems.
Write here if you see some mask that have to be fixed or can be improved by attaching also some screenshots.

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