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Post by Damiano on Thu Jan 21, 2016 8:35 am

This topic is used to exchange informations about translations of the apps.
Actually the apps support 9 different languages and this is the situation:

  • italian, english and french are directly supported by me (I don't know french very well, so any correction to my translation is welcome)
  • czech and russian are supported by my fantastic friends
  • spanish, portuguese and german have a good kernel because they were translated by mother tongue people but actually are mantained by me
  • hebrew has also a good kernel but actually I am not able to translate it as well as the other languages, so much probably it has a lot of errors (help pages mainly)

Obviously, any new language translation is welcome, so if you're interested, write me. The translation process is relatively simple although it may requires some time due to the many pages of documentation I written. In a first step it will be enough translate only the main words and sentences (that may requires 2 or 3 hours) and in a second step it will be useful to translate also the entire documentation.
Use this thread also for ask or reply to some translation error in the apps.

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